eXpansion is a Server Add-on for ManiaPlanet games by Ubisoft/NADEO, adding very cool features to the online gaming experience! The most visible parts would be clean and customizable HUD Widgets.

Automated saving of the TrackMania-times to local server database and the global Dedimania -database provides a easy way for competing for the best time with your friends.

Server owners and administrators haven't been forgotten: we provide an easy and fully graphic way for configuring the server and the eXpansion add-on itself!

Top Features

Easy to install

eXpansion Add-on is easy to install, even for novice server administrator with our install tutorial! After initial setup there is no need to edit any of the config files.

Boost the experience

With high integration with the community services like Mania-Exchange and Dedimania!

Keep updated, easy

Thanks to Git you can keep updated with the latest stable, nightly or subscribe even to the developer build!

Advanced Configuration

No need to edit config files after the setup. for example plugins can be switched on and off dynamically without need of restart the addon.

Build for You

You are not bound to have predefined HUD of the server admin, you can have the HUD the way you like! Move and Hide elements freely - the way you want.

Easy migration

Migration Tool helps you to import all the previous data from Xaseco or Mlepp installation, like records and map ratings!

Light & Fast

Maniascript allows to delagete tasks and take of the load from the sever. Widgets are always up to date even with hundreds of players they just work

A platform for devs

eXpansion isn't just easy to use for players, but it is also an easy platform to develop on.


eXpansion supports multilingual messages. So translating eXpansion for a new language isn't hacking. It just part of what it is meant to do. Contact us if you wish to work on the translations